Lisa: Converting Workshop files to LisaWrite documents (10/94)

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    This article describes the conversion process for Lisa Workshop documents into LisaWrite.


    Workshop ASCII files can be converted to LisaWrite documents. Once they are in LisaWrite format, the information they contain can be transferred to other applications, such as LisaCalc, using Cut and Paste. Convert Workshop files with the following procedure.

    From the Workshop:

    1. Initialize a diskette.

    2. Copy the Workshop files to the diskette.

    3. Rename the Workshop files with LisaWrite Office System names: e.g.,
    {D200T1}, {D201T1}, {D202T1}, ...{D<200+N>T1}.

    From the Office System:

    4. Insert the diskette and repair it. This procedure forms a new catalog
    with containing all files on the diskette.

    5. When you open the diskette, each of the documents appear with names such
    as "Document 200", "Document 201", and so on.

    6. Open each of the documents; they should contain the text from the
    Workshop files.

    7. Make a minor change (e.g., add, then delete a space) to force LisaWrite
    to rewrite the document, then Save and Put Away.

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    17 Oct 1994 - Reviewed for technical accuracy, revised formatting.

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