Lisa Peripheral Cards: Responding to error #1222

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    If you have a printer attached to a parallel expansion card in your Lisa and
    are planning to move that card to another slot (or remove it entirely), you
    must be sure to open the Preferences window and set the "Device Connection"
    for the old slot to "No Device" BEFORE you remove the card from that slot.  If
    you move or remove the card without first reconfiguring Preferences
    appropriately, you'll leave behind a "phantom device connection"--that is, the
    Lisa will continue to think that there is a printer connected through the old
    slot.  The next time you ask your Lisa to print a document, the Lisa will try
    to print the document on the "phantom" printer, fail, and end up giving you an
    "Error #1222" message.  If you've received such an error message, your problem
    may be a phantom device connection.  You won't be able to tell for sure,
    though, simply by opening the Preferences window:  Preferences will only list
    slots that actually have cards in them.  Instead, take these steps to discover
    whether you have a phantom device connection:

        -- Open any document.

        -- Pull down File/Print and choose "Format for Printer".

        -- Select settings for Print Method and Paper Size that
           don't match any printer you have ever had, such as Daisy
           Wheel with 14" x 11" paper.

        -- At the bottom of the dialog box, choose "Tell Me" (or,
           in Office System 2.0, "Ask Me")

        -- Click the OK button.  A new dialog box will appear
           labeled "Intended Printer Unavailable" (or, in 2.0,
           "Intended Printer not in Preferences").  In the middle
           of the box will be a list of printers next to
           checkboxes.  This list of printers will include any
           phantom device connections.

    To fix the problem, re-install a parallel card in the slot with the phantom
    connection, open Preferences, set that slot's Device Connection to "No
    Device", and then remove the card.

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