Lisa 2: Copying Office System Diskettes

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    The easiest way to backup your Office System diskettes is to use Office
    System 3.1. Release 3.1 allows you to duplicate a diskette to another
    diskette; it even prompts you when to insert your destination diskette.
    Office System 3.0 is unable to copy an Office System 1 diskette.

    If you don't have access to a Lisa with Office System 3.1, but do have
    a version of the Workshop which is the same version of the Office System
    diskettes you're copying:

    1. Enter the Workshop.

    2. Type "S" to get into the System manager.

    3. Set FilesPrivate to Yes; Quit the System Manager.

    4. With the File Manager, Copy all of the files on the diskette to the
    ProFile with a unique prefix--e.g. Copy -LOWER-=,ZX=

    5. Swap microdisks so the destination diskette is in the drive. Copy all
    the files back to the diskette, this time stripping the unique
    prefix--e.g., Copy ZX=,-LOWER-=

    6. Create as many duplicates as you wish from the prefixed files on the
    hard disk.

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