Lisa: How and Why To Back Up Data

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    Because no computer system is infallible, it is important to
    periodically back up all important documents. This minimizes the risk
    of loss of data due to power failure, hard disk failure, system hangs,
    and so on.

    There are 3 kind of backups:

    A. A full backup.
    B. An incremental backup.
    C. Individual duplication of the document onto a backup disk. (This is the
    method Apple recommends.)

    To do a full or incremental backup (method A or B):

    1. Insert your diskette.
    2. Duplicate the hard disk, then move the duplicate to the diskette.
    3. Follow the directions displayed on your screen.

    Full and incremental backups are described on pp. D14-D16 in the Lisa 1
    Owner's Guide, and on pp. B32-B37 of the Lisa 2 Owner's Guide.

    To duplicate a document (method C):

    1. Select the document.
    2. Scroll open the File/Print menu; choose Duplicate.
    3. A flashing duplicate of the document will appear on your screen next
    to the orignal. Move that duplicate to another folder, diskette, or

    Duplicating a document or folder is described on p. D11 in the Lisa 1
    Owner's Guide and p. B68 in the Lisa 2 Owner's Guide.

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