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    An incremental backup theoretically copies only those files that have changed
    since the last backup. In Office Systems 1.0 and 2.0, the incremental
    backup does NOT work that way: it copies everything, just as if you had
    selected a full backup. Because of this problem, Apple recommends in the
    Lisa 2 Owner's Guide Release Notes: "Do not back up a hard disk icon to the
    diskette icon. Instead, make duplicates of the tools or documents you wish to
    back up, and then move the duplicates to the micro diskette icon."

    At the end of an incremental backup with release 3.0 software, the error
    number 941/3 may be displayed. All documents that were changed since the
    last full backup are copied to the disk. These documents are accessible
    only from the desktop; they may not be used to restore the ProFile using
    the Office System 1 diskette's Restore routine. Lisa Office System version
    3.1 corrects this problem, allowing you to restore your hard disk from
    backup diskettes if you wish.

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