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    This article outlines known problems both with backing up Office Systems 1.0
    and 2.0 and with restoring from backups of those Office Systems.

    Preferences is destroyed by restoring the hard disk from backups. The only way
    to replace Preferences is to do a full Install (i.e., erase the hard disk and
    reinstall everything). Instead of restoring the hard disk, then, we advise
    that you simply duplicate the documents on the desktop individually from the
    backup disks to the hard disk.

    The Lisa 2.0 Owner's Guide, p. B36, item number 7, reads: "Everything on
    Internal Hard Disk, the Internal Hard Disk, is about to be erased." This error
    message in the manual is not correct. It does not erase the hard disk; it
    erases the microdisks. The correct message is displayed on your screen.

    Sometimes the backup has difficulties on the 3rd or 4th disk: typically, an
    error message is displayed stating that there isn't room on the diskette, even
    though the diskette has just been erased. This seems to happen most often when
    (a) it's been a long while since installation of the software, (b) the system
    has hung at one time and a Repair wasn't properly performed, or (c) Office
    System 2.0 is being used, and some of the files being backed up are very large.
    (Office System 2.0 has been known to have problems backing up very large
    files.) Usually, the only recourse is to completely reinstall your software.

    Backing up a file larger than 728 blocks onto microdisks is not possible with
    releases 1.0 or 2.0: as the system tries to copy these large files, it
    repeatedly asks you to "Insert the next backup diskette" and yet does no
    copying to these diskettes, because it's looking for a large enough microdisk
    to back up your entire file. If you have Office Systems 1.0 or 2.0, then,
    simply make duplicates of any files larger than 728 blocks and place them on
    your hard disk or onto an additional ProFile instead of trying to back them up
    onto microdisks. Alternatively, upgrade to Office System release 3.0, which has
    no problem backing up very large files: it knows how to split a large file into
    portions and back up the portions onto a series of microdisks.

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