Lisa 2: Possible Problems With The Upgrade Kit

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    1. Symptom: Operating system error 10726, or error 82.
    Problem: Bad motherboard-ProFile interaction.

    A. Replace the motherboard with an upgraded one. (Upgraded motherboards are
    distinguished by resistor packs around the parallel port.) Also make
    sure that the system has an I/O board with the resistors clipped and the
    proper boot ROMs installed.

    B. Use a different ProFile.

    2. Symptom: CPU boot error 43.
    Problem: Bad CPU-boot ROM interaction.

    A. Replace CPU board with upgraded CPU board.

    B. Use the original Lisa boot ROMs. The only noticeable differences
    between using the old (version D) boot ROMs and using later revisions
    are (a) slightly different icons displayed in the Startup Menu, and (b)
    an apparent option to boot from two drives, though only one drive
    exists. Careful, though! If you select the top drive, the system hangs
    and must be reset.

    3. Symptom: Blank screen when attempting to boot system after retrofitting.
    Problem: Incorrectly labelled or placed CPU ROMs.

    Verify that the CPU ROMs are installed according to the directions. If
    they are correctly installed, one or both may be mislabelled. In that case,
    simply use the old version D boot ROMs instead.

    4. Symptom: System goes through self-test, then hangs.
    Problem: System is trying to start from nonexistent drive

    A. If you're using your old CPU ROM:
    Reset the system and tell it specifically what drive to boot from.
    Preference settings, such as the correct time and the default startup
    device, may have been lost when you unplugged the sytem to swap the
    chips. Since Preference's startup default is drive 1 with the old CPU
    ROMs, the system probably hung while booting, since (of couse) there is
    no drive 1.

    B. If you have the new CPU ROMs installed:
    a. Reinstall the software.
    b. Test the memory boards with LisaTest or the extended memory board
    c. Test the memory board #2 by swapping it with with memory board #1 or
    with one from your spares kit.

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