Lisa 7/7: Installing OS 3.1 & Pascal Workshop 3.0 on Hard Disk

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    To install Lisa 7/7 Office System 3.1 or 3.0 and Pascal Workshop 3.0 on a
    hard disk:

    1. Backup any Office System or Macintosh documents from the hard disk.

    2. Install the 7/7 Office System (release 3.0 or 3.1) as detailed in Chapter
    6 of the Lisa Office System manual.
    a. Select Erase when prompted.
    b. Select Share if you wish to store Macintosh software on the hard

    3. Install the Pascal Workshop as described in Chapter 1 of the Lisa
    Workshop manual. Select Don't Erase when prompted.

    4. If you installed release 3.0 in step 2 above and want to upgrade to 3.1,
    a. Get into the Workshop environment and insert the Release 3.1 Office
    System 2 diskette into the microdrive.
    b. From the Workshop command line, type R.
    c. When asked which file you wish to run, type: <-lower-StartUpdate.
    d. Press the RETURN key.
    e. You are then guided through the process of updating the system
    libraries. After answering a series of questions, follow the
    prompts to insert the necessary disks.
    f. Since the update process changes the libraries on the startup disk,
    1. Restart the Lisa when you've completed step 4e.
    2. Replace the LisaWrite and LisaProject tools and stationary pads
    on the hard disk with the updated versions.

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