Expo Expectations

A Friday Tidbit from TidBITS 34, December 10, 1990.
"Unlike the Macworld Expo in Boston this year, the San Francisco Expo promises to show some products that haven't been thoroughly squeezed of interest by the press (including us :-)). The computer industry and Apple in particular has a strange fascination with leaking information, wavering between battening down the security hatches and making sure that "unofficial" information is freely available. The three recently-introduced Macs are the best example of this latter phenomenon since almost everyone knew exactly what they could do well before they actually appeared. For this upcoming Expo on January 10-13 in San Francisco, though, everyone's staying quiet. We've got a few ideas about what might be released there, some backed up with evidence, some just based on educated speculation."

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Expo Expectations; TidBITS 34, December 10, 1990


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