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Apple Quicktake Camera 100/150 with original box!

From the description:
"You're bidding on an Apple Quicktake 100 that was later shipped back to the factory for an upgrade to an Apple Quicktake 100 Plus(in essence, a Quicktake 150). The upgrade included upgrading the firmware so that it could hold up to either 16 high-quality images or 32 standard-quality images, as well as improving the quality of the standard-quality images. There was also a close-up lenses attachment, but it and the software diskette and Apple serial cable have sadly been lost to the ages and are not included.
The box is in excellent condition considering it's age and certainly Apple collection-worthy, complete with original packing inserts and paperwork, including the upgrade paperwork from Apple. The Quicktake 150 manual is also included as this was provided with the upgrade.
This is truly a collector's item and would be a perfect gift for a collector of vintage Apple items or other old technology. I actually used this camera to take pictures for the first website I worked a contract job for in 1995.".

What's on eBay - Apple Quicktake Camera 100/150 with original box!


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