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Apple Graphics Tablet
Incl. Software, Packaging, Docs, etc.
From the description:
"This is a very complete set that includes hardware, lots of software and documentation - even the original packaging. This is likely the most complete set you'll see auctioned on eBay and the best condition as well.

Apple released a Graphics Tablet in 1979 which enabled users to draw on a tablet with a wired stylus pen and transfer those creations over to their computer. The original asking price was $650.

Note this is the original tablet which Apple had to pull from the market (due to the FCC finding that it caused radio frequency interference problems), not the second version released in 1983.

Dimensions: 3/4 in x 15 1/2 in x 15 3/4 in.

Model number: A2M0029, Serial number: 6601

Auction includes:

Apple Graphics Tablet including pen and cable
Apple Graphics Tablet Interface card
Original Apple "Graphics Tablet Software" floppy disk and original sleeve
Original Apple "Graphics Table Backup Diskette" (floppy) and original sleeve
Apple "Graphics Tablet Operation and Reference Manual"
"Special Effects" floppy and manual by Penguin Software
"The Graphics Magician" floppy and manual plus "Programming Tutorial"
"The Complete Graphics System" manual
Original packaging and shipping label"

What's on eBay - Apple Graphics Tablet


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