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The Apple Macintosh Service Manual Center

The following service manuals are in PDF format, and are copyright Apple Computer, Inc. The links are to the Apple FTP server, and are sometimes difficult to access.
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Original and Classic Macs:

Macintosh 128k and 512k.pdf
Macintosh Plus.pdf
Macintosh SE.pdf
Macintosh SE30.pdf
Classic I & II / Performa 200.pdf
Color Classic.pdf
Color Classic II / Performa 275.pdf


Macintosh Portable.pdf
PowerBook 100.pdf
PowerBook 140/145/170.pdf
PowerBook 150.pdf
PowerBook 160/165/180.pdf
PowerBook 165c/180c.pdf
PowerBook 200 Series.pdf
PowerBook 500 Series.pdf
PowerBook 550c.pdf
PowerBook 190/5300.pdf
PowerBook DuoDock.pdf
PowerBook DuoMiniDock.pdf
Quadra, Centris and LC:

LC / Quadra 605.pdf
Centris 650 / Quadra 650.pdf
Centris / Quadra 660AV.pdf
Quadra 800.pdf
Quadra 840AV.pdf

Macintosh II:

Macintosh II / IIx / IIfx.pdf
Macintosh IIvx / IIvi / Performa 600.pdf


Macintosh TV.pdf
Service Safety.pdf


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