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Information Online:

Semaphore Signal Newsletter Online!
Lisa Technical Info Library (TIL) Archive Online!
Boot Rom Information
Lisa Parts List
General Lisa Information
Lisa Repair Manual
Lisa Assembly Drawings

Information For Download:

204-Page 1983 Apple Lisa Marketing Binder! Painstakingly scanned and donated by Charles Eicher, this information was compiled from various technical and marketing departments and is a wealth of information!
.pdf format (33.1 MB)
.zip archive (31.9 MB)

Byte Magazine Article, 9/84
How To Deserialize Lisa Disks
Press Release: How Lisa Works
Press Release: The Lisa
Lisa Startup Error Codes
LisaTalk, Issue #1
"The Lisa" Article by Edward W. Birss
Lisa Pictures

Lisa Emulator Project Documents

Lisa Owner's Guide 1.0
Lisa 2 Owner's Guide
Lisa Schematics
Profile Hard Drive Docs.
Lisa Independent
Developer Opportunities
Lisa Tool Deserialization Paper
Lisa File Label Reader Utility by DTC
Lisa HW Unit Disassembly
Lisa System Low Level Driver Disassembly
Lisa OS Reference (1982)
Lisa OS Guide (1982)
Lisa QuickDraw Demo
Lisa Pascal 2.0 Reference Manual
Lisa Pascal Memos
Lisa SANE slides
Lisa Workshop 2.0 Users Guide
Lisa Development System Draft 1984
Lisa Independent Developer Opportunities
Lisa to Macintosh Migration Kit
Lisa Pascal Development System Manual
Lisa 2 Owner's Guide
Lisa Owner's Guide 1.0
Introduction to the Lisa
Orphan Support Column From Macazine
Lisa Product Introduction Plan
Lisa Marketing Requirements Document
Lisa Office System
LisaCalc Manual
LisaTerminal Manual
LisaDraw Manual
LisaWrite Manual
LisaGraph Manual
LisaList Manual
LisaProject Manual
Lisa 7/7 Disk Images

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