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The Lisa Office System Environment;
The Equivalent of the Macintosh System & Finder.
This Lisa operating system must be installed on your Lisa first, then other software can be loaded. To use them, these images must be placed on low-density floppy disks using DiskCopy 4.2.

Version 2.0

Disk 1 [260 KB]
Disk 2 [188 KB]
Disk 3 [261 KB]
Disk 4 [211 KB]

Version 3.0

Disks 1 to 5 [1,171k]

Version 3.1

Disk 1 [260 KB]
Disk 2 [288 KB]
Disk 3 [204 KB]
Disk 4 [216 KB]
Disk 5 [241 KB]

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