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Thursday, 6 April 2006
30 Years in Apple Products: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
An interesting article at Engadget presenting a well rounded history of Apple products. It begins:
"Has it really been 30 years since two buddies named Steve sold off their prized possessions (Woz's HP calculator and Jobs' VW van) to raise money and launch a company? Has it really been 30 years since the two Steves, tired of selling blue boxes, built the Apple I and began selling it for $666.66? Yes, it has, and if you don't believe it, just compare Jobs' hairlines from '76 and today. And while the company has become known for many things, from its groundbreaking GUI to the iTunes Music Store, we know Apple has always been a hardware company at heart. So here's to you, Apple: the good, the bad and, yes, the ugly from the past 30 years. Happy Birthday."

30 Years in Apple Products: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Wednesday, 5 April 2006
Pitching the Personals
A brief 1984 article from Atarirchives.org discussing the then new phenomenon of computers being advertised on television.
It begins:
"As the personal computer industry has grown, so has its advertising clout. Gone are the days when Apple's owners begged and borrowed the $25,000 necessary for the company's first color ad in Scientific American. In 1984 Apple Computer Inc. slated an ad budget of over $100 million."

Pitching the Personals

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Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 5:48 AM EDT
Monday, 3 April 2006
A2 News and Notes
The March, 2006 issue of the A2 News and Notes Newsletter for Apple II fans has been posted by Howard Katz!
This issue:
* Old Roots Revisited
* Keeping the Apple II Humming
* Compact Storage
* Visually Apple
* Camp Geek
* Software News
* Emulation News
* SignOff

A2 News and Notes

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Friday, 31 March 2006
This Week in Apple History
Today we again take a look back at the informative "This Week in Apple History" series at The Mac Observer. The April 1 - 10 entry in the series by Owen Linzmayer & Bryan Chaffin is entitled, "Apple Founded, John Sculley Chooses Change, Irony".

April 1 - 10: Apple Founded, John Sculley Chooses Change, Irony

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Thursday, 30 March 2006
30 Years of Apple Products
Todays addition to this weeks coverage at Wired.com of Thirty Years of Apple. The intro:
"This monster gallery of Apple's computers features most of the major products from the last three decades, and is adapted from the vast library at Apple-History.com."

30 Years of Apple Products

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Wednesday, 29 March 2006
Got it Pretty Well Covered
Here's a gallery at Kuodesign.com featuring Steve Jobs on some 62 magazine covers. Now THAT is something to see!

The Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers Page

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Tuesday, 28 March 2006
The Evolution of the Interface
At Wired.com: "From the command-line interface of Apple DOS to Lisa to Mac OS X, Owen W. Linzmayer offers a fascinating retrospective on the Apple UI."

Apple OS Gallery

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Monday, 27 March 2006
Apple IIe - End of an Era?
This story was submitted to Vintage Apple News by Richard Hyman. Please email with suggestions or solutions!

Huntington Beach, California: Vance Carruth a third grade teacher at Agnes Smith Elementary School in Huntington Beach, California has been supporting over twenty Apple IIe systems for the past fifteen (15) years. Each desktop system is networked to a main file server that contains dozens of games and activities. Even though the technology is almost thirty (30) years old, Vance's third graders fight over the chance to get use of one of these puppies. This is because classroom sizes have changed from twenty (20) to thirty (30) students this year due to school closings (budget cuts).

How did this all happen? Well, the school system purchased Apple IIe's for each classroom back in the 80's. In the early 90's they were replaced by IBM compatibles and most recently by Dell's. Each of the teachers were told they could take their Apple IIe home or move them to a designated storage room. Most elected to not take them home. The storage room later became Mr. Vance's classroom and he inherited the equipment. Mr. Vance decided to setup and network the desktops and has been supporting this effort with other machines that he has salvaged parts from for the last fifteen (15) years.

Now the real bad news. Mr. Carruth, (AKA Mr. Vance - Student's nickname for him) will be retiring this coming June. This comes only after 39 years of service at the same school. Once Mr. Vance has gone, there will be no other teacher to take on this support effort and the Apple IIe legacy along with Mr. Vance will vanish from Smith School. Once Mr. Vance is gone the Apples will be sold to the highest bidders and only Dell computers will be found on the Smith campus. If Steve Jobs is listening - are you going to accept this defeat? I pray not!

Story by: Richard Hyman. Richard may be contacted at RAHTAHTAH@hotmail.com and Mr. Vance may be contacted at VANCECARRUTH@yahoo.com

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Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006 9:04 AM EST
Friday, 24 March 2006
540c Web Server
We love vintage Apple computers used as Web Servers, and here is yet another! Built and Served on a Powerbook 540c using SimpleText to code, this site has some interesting infomation! Check it out.

540c Web Server

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Wednesday, 22 March 2006
Copland, Revisited
A November, 1996 Special Report by Tom Thompson from the Byte Magazine archives.
It Begins:
"For more than a year, Apple has provided tantalizing glimpses of Mac OS 8, its future OS, which is more commonly known by its code name of Copland. Unfortunately, much like Microsoft's Windows 95 launch, the release of Copland has been plagued with delays. The expected shipping date has slipped from this year until well into 1997."

Copland, Revisited

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